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How Amsterdam Police arrested Bitcoin Mining heist suspect?

Amsterdam police have arrested an Iceland suspect involved in a big theft of mining equipment of bitcoin earlier this year. The suspect, Sindri Thor Stefansson, fled ‘open prison’ Sogni, which is a low-security one, on April 17 and then escaped to Sweden. He had reported to the used passport of another man when he was trying to board a flight at Keflavik International Airport. This indicated that this was not the first time that he was arrested by the police.

Under Detention

Interestingly, Stefansson has been under detention since February beginning for his alleged involvement in a series of stealing digital mining hardware. The burglary was estimated to be valued at approximately $2 million. The local media in Iceland have termed the incident as one of the biggest criminal cases in its history, cointelegraph reported. There were at least two thefts of cryptocurrencies in the current year, i.e., one each in Japan and Vietnam. In both the cases, the value of loss was considered significant.

The suspect is said to be the prime individual involved in the popular bitcoin heist in Iceland. Amsterdam police spokesman told the media that Stefansson was nabbed on Sunday night in the downtown area. However, the authorities preferred to hide other details of his arrest. Currently, the prime suspect of the heist is under the custody of police. The prosecutors would now have to take up the issue of extradition of the suspect to the country.

More than a month back, about 600 mining rigs were stolen by Stefansson and his team in Iceland. This was regarded as one of the largest theft cases in the history of the country. The mining rigs are worth about $2 million and used by a ‘farm,’ which keeps them running to profit. They would get gain from every system’s discovery of a block. He was not the only one person, but there were ten others who were also nabbed. This included security staff, who was appointed to protect the facility, according to cryptovest.

The arrests also came on the back of Icelandic news outlet reporting on April 20 that the suspect indicated his returning home to Iceland. The suspect claimed that he was within his right to travel to Sweden. His contention was that the ruling on his custody has expired on April 16 itself.

Challenge Custody

There is already a call to investigate as to how the suspect has managed to board a flight to Sweden right from the prison. That was because most countries adopt the practice of stopping criminals at the airport itself with passports throwing flags. Incidentally, Iceland Prime Minister, Katrin Jakobsdottir, has boarded the same flight to Sweden to attend Nordic heads of state meeting.

Stefansson also told the media that he is ready to challenge his custody of two and a half month before the Human Rights wing of the European Court. On the other hand, there is a threat of harsher sentence on the suspect since he was detained after his escape from prison.

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