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Bitbox is holding to separate bitcoin cash hackathons as a fork arrives

As a Bitcoin Cash hard fork is approach within a month, Bitbox project is holding two separate hackathon events to help build innovative applications in the BCH blockchain. Over the course of the next thirty days, the open source Bitbox toolkit project will be used to bring the BCH community together and create a slew of new applications on this decentralized network.

The first event will be held on Saturday, April 21st i.e. tomorrow while the second will be held on May 15th, the same day as BCH enters a hard fork. While talking to, developer Carlos Cardona expressed interest in the hackathons helping create better apps on the network. He said, “It consists of a one-click Bitcoin Cash blockchain, command line utility, and a JavaScript API which lets you accelerate how quickly you can create an amazing application.”

Bitbox Project is an open source toolkit that helps the users in creating bitcoin cash apps. The developers can also use this framework to create a suite of building blocks within the BCH blockchain that could make apps supporting the network up to 10x faster.

“The Bitbox toolset is general purpose. If your app needs any type of BCH integration at all from entropy and mnemonics to transactions to signing messages and much more, BITBOX is the solution. We have scaffolds for react, angular, nextjs and nodejs which let you bootstrap a basic BIP44 wallet in any of those frameworks in under a minute to help get people up and going,” said the developer as he explained Bitbox’s functionality.

Cardona believes that BCH has a great opportunity to create a workspace that could help in empowering developers and act as a catalyst to accelerate their workflow. “If we do that right we can set off the entire industry,” he added.

The event on April 21 will focus on networking, on-ramping devs to the workflow in Bitbox and setting up development environments. The event on May 15 will stir up the community even more. This hackathon will focus on highlighting the brand-new features of the blockchain. BCH will move into a bigger, 32 MB block size, which has already been enabled in Bitbox. Also, the reactivated and new OP codes and bigger OP_RETURN data size of the blockchain will be showcased. These features have been enabled on Bitbox too, so that developers can easily create the applications of their choice.

As the currency will be entering a hard fork on the same day, the hackathon will become one of the biggest events in the blockchain’s history, getting worldwide press coverage. This way, BCH can truly start differentiating itself from other blockchains as it will have a more powerful community support, even after the fork. The hackathon has a total of 2 BCH as prize money, out of which 1 BCH will be awarded to the winner of each event, 0.5 BCH each to the second-place holders and 0.25 each to the runners-up.

Bitbox, which supports all features of the new blockchain in BCH, will likely spark new life in the community which is anxiously waiting for the fork next month.

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